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About the Movie How Sweet It Is

Don Trudeau was a grip in the movie “How Sweet It Is which was released back in the Year 1968. A grip is one of the crew in a movie in the Camera and Electrical Department mostly. Their head is called a key grip. Grips are technical rigging and lighting technicians. The grip department works with other departments of photography in setting up the stage lighting and camera. In a movie, their role is to set up the lighting and video and camera equipment and all set-ups related to them including all overhead equipment. They are usually required to lift up the heavy things used in the set-up of the lights and photography equipment too.

Review of How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is is a comedy film written by Garry Marshall and Jerry Belson. The film is directed by Jerry Paris. The film is starring Debbie Reynolds, James Garner with Paul Lynde and Terry-Thomas as part of the supporting cast. In the movie Grif, a photographer living in Suburban New York is on a work mission to accompany American students on a trip to France. He decides to take along his wife Jenny and their teenage son David. Jenny in advance of their trip made travel and accommodation arrangements with Gilbert who is a corrupt travel agent.

The family is to stay at the Riviera hotel while in Paris. The trip proves to be so tempting to both husband and wife who struggle to stay faithful under quite tempting situations.

They travel by ship to France. The accommodation status of both Grif, Jenny, and David while en route to France is nothing to write home about. On the ship, the couple has no privacy. They are forced to sleep on bunk beds in separate and crowded rooms with teenagers.

Upon arriving in Paris, France Jenny decides to go to their booked hotel Riviera, leaving her husband with the school tour group. Unknown to her the hotel is quite a distance and what is more shocking is that it is not a hotel but a private mansion belonging to Phillipe, a wealthy lawyer who was not even expecting her. Phillipe is there alone with just butler.

Phillipe decides to accommodate Jenny at a bargain price. Unknown to her he is a womanizer who gives her no peace. On the other hand, her husband Grif also gets into a tempting situation with one of the chaperones serving the American students.

The story of Jenny’s struggles gets to be published in the local newspaper in Paris, and her husband gets assimilated with her situation. He goes on a rescue mission with a stolen school bus, and though he manages to rescue her, the couple gets separated by Italian patrolmen. Jenny is placed in a cell with prostitutes.

Fortunately, they are all bailed out and accommodated in a hotel where Jenny gets to meet her son partying. The story ends well when the family is reunited, and they go back to America.

Final Thoughts

This is a very hilarious ancient movie written in the non-smartphone era. The storyline relies on ancient failed communication systems for comic. The story may not make sense right now, because of advancement in technology which keeps everyone informed of what is happening. Therefore“How Sweet It is” a good movie that serves to remind us of our pre-smartphone era. You can imagine what Don Trudeau can tell of technological advancements in the grip department since 1968 when the movie was shot.