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Common Car Radiator Problems

A car radiator is an essential part of the cooling system, and without it, your engine can overheat leading to irreparable damages. It uses water and other cooling fluids to maintain your car engine at an ideal temperature. Wear and tear are inevitable, and it is necessary to get your 1949 – 1952 Desoto radiator serviced regularly to prevent both minor and major problems.

 If the efficiency of your radiator is reduced, your car will reduce its performance, and it will start overheating. It is therefore essential to ensure that your radiator is checked and repaired in time. Here are the most common car radiator problems.

Radiator Leaks

Radiator leaks are one of the most common car radiator problems. If you discover a puddle or liquid under your engine when your vehicle is not in use, then you need to address this problem immediately.

Leaking radiators can easily cause serious damages to all components that are associated with it. Its liquid looks red or green and it is toxic. Also, you need to check your radiator for any formation of steam or bubbles to confirm that it is leaking. Fixing your radiator can be tricky so look for an expert to fix it for you.

Trapped Air

Over time, fresh air has a way of infiltrating your car cooling unit where it can lead to serious problems. It often finds its way into your car through worn-out radiator lids. This is not the issue but what causes the problem is when it cannot get out. One of the major functions of your 1949 – 1952 Desoto radiator lids is to release any steam or air bubbles that have built up in your coolant.

When air is present in your radiator, it causes high temperature putting your car engine at risk of overheating. Other heat-related problems include things like warped heads, blown head gaskets, and damaged pistons or valves. If your radiator expert discovers that it is suffering from the built-up air, then they will help you remove the air out.

Low Coolant Levels

It is vital to keep an eye on the coolant levels in the radiator as it plays an essential role in preventing overheating. It naturally depletes over time but any changes in the levels are abnormal, and they might be indicating radiator leakage. You can find experts to fix this leak and help you refill your coolant, so that radiator components do not suffer any further problems.

Rust or Mineral Deposits

All car radiators including the modern ones with the plastic components are prone to developing corrosion or rust in various parts of your coolant system. If your vehicle is overheating, always inspect or check the color of the coolant to ensure that it is not the main source of the problem. Any rusty or brownish color is a clear indication of a rusty system, and it should be removed as soon as possible with radiator flush services. You can buy Used Alfa Romeo Cars in Bracknell at