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Does Your Walking Deck Need Restoration or Resurfacing?

Many people look at their worn walking deck and assume they need a brand new one. In truth, you might actually have a sturdy deck in good condition, even if it doesn’t currently look that way. You can’t always tell from the surface appearance. Sometimes, walking deck resurfacing or restoration will give you what you need. Here is a look at how these processes work.

What Is Walking Deck Restoration?

Deck restoration involves repairing, cleaning, and treating your walking deck. You’ll find there’s a number of different ways to go about restoring a deck. Generally, a restoration will involve some or all the following:

  • Repairing small structural damage
  • Repairing small cosmetic damage
  • Cleaning the deck surface
  • Staining and sealing the deck

A professional restoration should have your deck looking great. A restoration will also extend the life of your deck. You can do some of the less intensive restoration stuff on your own. Small repairs and cleaning should represent part of your routine maintenance for your walking deck.

A restoration cannot fix all walking deck damage. If you have an overabundance of warped and rotting wood, then you will need another solution. Equally, the structural repair offered by restoration methods isn’t for heavily damaged decks, especially if you also have substructure damage.

What is Walking Deck Resurfacing?

Deck resurfacing involves replacing the boards of your walking deck. This process preserves the deck structure and seeks to only replace surface-level materials.

For example, if your boards look worn and beyond saving, you can have the deck resurfaced to replace them. You will keep the frame, so it’s like getting a new deck without you needing to actually buy and install one.

For resurfacing, you must have a deck frame and foundation in good condition. Resurfacing a walking deck with a poor substructure will only give you a deck that looks good but doesn’t last long. Sometimes, that poor substructure can represent a real hazard as well.

What Are Some Other Walking Deck Options?

Depending on the condition of your walking deck, you will have other options available to you. A weathered deck can usually get by with a professional finish to restore its shine. A deck in good condition should probably receive some weatherproofing to ensure it remains in good condition.

Many people use all the phrases for deck renewal interchangeable. You may notice that these processes all involve coating your walking deck, which is an important part of keeping your deck healthy.

In all cases, you should have a professional service help you figure out if restoration or walking deck resurfacing will work best for your deck. Don’t assume your worn deck cannot look new again.