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7. David Diop's pride in his African heritage is characteristic of the ___________ movement (1 point) colonialist independence Negritude apartheid 8. Wole Soyinka's "Telephone Conversation" takes place between a black man and a prejudiced (1 point) police officer. landlady. roommate. blind date. 9. The maid in "Black Girl" is delighted when she has a chance to live in (1 point) Nairobi. Senegal. France. Capetown. 10. Kibuka is not sure life is worth living until his grandson gives him a (1 point) dog. cat. duckling. piglet. True or False 11. In "Marriage Is a Private Affair," Nnaemeka accepts his father's choice of a bride for him. (1 point) true false 12. Wamuhu is killed when she and John have a meeting in the dark. (1 point) true false 13. The mother in "Loyalties" thinks that nothing is more important than Biafran independence. (1 point) true false Thanks! :)
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