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Marijuana Can Treat Anxiety, but You Need to Balance it Right

While taking marijuana, there are a lot of things that we can control. Yeah, there aren’t many researches on marijuana, but there are rules of thumbs. Also, we can always follow some precautions if we need marijuana to help our anxiety.

Things about CBD, THC, and Strains of Marijuana

When you are going to buy marijuana, you can buy it based on how much THC content it has. There will be a label on the packet to let you know how much THC it has exactly. So, if you are a starter you should remember that less THC is more, so use less THC when you want to use marijuana to relax.

Whereas, CBD is linked more to relaxation, and it is another active ingredient found in the marijuana plant. So, if you want to make your anxiety lower, you can start with higher CBD and lower THC.

How to Ingest Marijuana?

With different highs, different strains can be produced, when you consume drugs, even it makes a big difference. When you smoke weed, there are many options available, for example, bowls, bongs, or joints. When you smoke the drug, in no time you will feel its effects. Whereas, if you want to take it with food or ingest it, it will make you 30 minutes or more to feel its effects.

Effects of marijuana on the reduction of anxiety

The calming effect of marijuana is due to the fact that it affects GABA neurotransmitter, and so anxiety gets stopped in the tracks. Benzodiazepines, prescribed for anxiety also targets GABA levels. Marijuana has the ability also to lower the stress hormone and cortisol when used regularly.

CBD oil, which is easier to get these days, doesn’t make you high, and they have the anxiety-reducing benefits. Alone, CBD is safe to use.