1) A triangular prism has a length of 12 inches. A larger similar triangular prism has a length of 18 inches. If 192 square inches of paper is used to wrap the smaller prism with minimum wastage, approximately how many square inches of paper will be required to wrap the larger prism? A288 square inches B432 square inches C648 square inches < That was my answer D864 square inches 2) Martin has a compost pit in his garden. The pit is 9 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. She plans to make it 1.5 feet deeper. What will be the increase in the volume of the pit? A 18 cubic feet < that was my answer B54 cubic feet C81 cubic feet D162 cubic feet 3) A square pyramid of height 8 inches has a volume of 704 cubic inches. If the volume of a similar square pyramid is 88 cubic inches, what is its height? A1 inch B2 inches < that was my answer C4 inches D8 inches 4) Cliff is constructing two similar boxes shaped as similar rectangular prisms. The smaller box has a height of 15 inches and a square base of side length 12 inches. If the larger box has a height of 20 inches, what is its volume? A1620 cubic inches B3840 cubic inches C5120 cubic inches < that was my answer D6400 cubic inches 5) Tania bought a glass pyramid from a gift store. The pyramid, with a height of 4 cm and a square base of side 6 cm, was packed in a box shaped as a cube of side 8 cm. The empty space in the box was packed with paper tissue. How many cubic centimeters of the box were stuffed with paper tissue? A192 cubic centimeters B368 cubic centimeters C464 cubic centimeters D480 cubic centimeters < that was my answer
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