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Top 10 Marketing Tools That An SEO Company Should Use

Online merchants like you are always on their quest for high revenue. And pure technical knowledge won’t be enough to navigate and stand out. This is where marketing tools become very crucial. But you’ve got to keep in mind that not every tool in the market is ideal enough. While some are functional, there are also some tools that are designed as hypes.Here are the top 10 digital marketing tools used by a competent SEO company in Legazpi City like that will help you decide in your SEO adventure.

  1. Raven tools is an all in one marketing tool. It comes with comprehensive SEO research tools for excellent social media monitoring. The best thing here is that these marketing tools are constantly innovated in order to get in pace with the fast-changing needs of online marketers. Most of the best outsource SEO Specialist Philippines like uses this powerful online marketing tool in doing their job.
  2. BuzzSumo is designed for SEO purposes and content marketing. With this tool, you can filter the results by various elements such as language, country, type of content and time. This tool is free though you can opt for some paid upgrades.
  3. Mention works on research on social media monitoring. As one of the best digital trends, Mention allows you to receive real time alerts as well as access to dashboards that enables you to respond to retweets, internet emails, saved tasks and shares.
  4. Sidekick renders you the capability to see the professional history of your contacts, latest tweets as well as the company information. You can also schedule email to be sent in a predetermined time in the near future.
  5. Autosen helps in tracking the behaviours of your customers and send out message to active customers. Its free plan allows getting in touch with twenty five customers in a month.
  6. Canva is specially designed for photo creation. It is such an easy way to have custom photos if you need social media presentation. It comes with stock images, free templates and online storage.
  7. Visual Website Optimizer is one of the best marketing channels that let you give a try on wide range of variants with customer visiting your web pages. This tool includes revenue analysis, personalized targeting, user suggestions and more.
  8. nr is an excellent tool for social media engagement. It lets you personalize your photos with brand images and colors. It also enables you to conduct A/B testing.
  9. FullContact lets you organize as well as retrieve contacts that are collected via email, social media ipad and iPhones.
  10. Sprout Social is what you need for social media management and scheduling. This tool brings all messages in your social media to single convenient feed that results to easier monitoring. Aside from that, it also allows you to view audience demographics, track mentions, content calendars and track social media engagement patterns.

There you have it- the top 12 marketing tools designed for 21st marketers as recommended by CollabUX Web Solutions, Co to use in their CLE client in US like You can now choose your best asset according to your exact needs and claim victory in the online marketing world with the help of these digital trends.